Monday’s Musings 8: What about the animals?

Hey guys,
Steve here.

I’ve been going to church for a couple months now. I am by no means saved or anything like that–it’s new to me and I’m not ready to go that far. But I’ve paid enough attention to the preature and youth bible study teachers to develop a question–What about the animals?
In church, you always hear about man, and what they can do to go to heaven or hell, but I’ve never heard about animals. Even going to church and having religious friends, I still don’t know what will happen to my cat when he passes away. For a human, although it is very sad and tragic, I can be comforted by the thought that they are up in heaven, whether it is true or not. But not with animals…
What about the dogs that attack people or other small creatures? Even if it was not intended to be that way in most cases, the animal still took another life. What happens to that animal when it dies? Or what about another dog who was faithful to their owner and never hurt another creature, what about that?
Like I said, my knowledge of religion is not the best in the world, and maybe someone out there could answer this question for me. But until that happens, I will be wondering, what about the animals?

Monday’s Musings 3: the true meaning of Christmas

Hey guys,
Steve here.

Christmas is here, whether we like it or not. Christmas, the great holiday it is, brings family time, great food, and cheerful music, a smile to every one’s face, presents, and most importantly the birth of Jesus Christ. I often find myself forgetting that last, but most important part of Christmas that defines its true meaning. I’m not what you’d call a religious person, however I still believe in god, go to church, and know Christ for who he is.
This not-so religiousness is most likely the reason why I find myself thinking that Christmas is only a time to spend with your family, eat great things, sing cheerful songs, and give to people… however I am remotely comforted by the thought that I’m not alone.
Proof of my theory is that people shorten the word “Christmas” with an abbreviation that leads me to believe that people who use it have forgotten, if only temporarily, the true meaning of Christmas. The particular abbreviation I am talking about is one I’m sure you have used, and that I’ve used as well. “Xmas,” although a very simple and seemingly harmless way to write “Christmas,” is very wrong, if you think about it (I didn’t even think about it until a few days ago when it was brought up at my church). When you write Xmas, little do you know that by putting “x” instead of “Christ,” you are basically Xing Christ’s name out of Christmas, this being the reason I refuse to use this particular abbreviation; the Christ in Christmas helps me remember the true meaning of Christmas, why this holiday is celebrated in the first place, and the truly remarkable man born on that day, over 2000 years ago.
So each year, as you shop, sing and listen to great songs of happiness, eat lots of tasty things, decorate, and spend time with your family, pause a moment to remember the true meaning of Christmas, just as I have to do 99% of the time.

Thanks for reading,
Type you later,