Would calling today the weirdest day of the centry be an over exaggeration?

Hey you guys,
Steve here.

Okay so I had an extremely weird afternoon. It literally started right after school–and even though what happened put me in a bad mood then, it makes me laugh now, just about 4 and a half hours afterward. I even remember thinking, “Even though I’m mad right now, I’ll be laughing by the time I blog about this.”

So what made this day so weird you ask? Well first, I forgot my violin in seventh period, and didn’t even remember I left it there until I sat down on the bus and it was too late to get it. I mean come on, couldn’t I have realized that it was missing before then? No.
So with that going on, I came home and my mom was out getting her hair done. Unfortunately, my phone was dead, because my sister switched my iPhone cord out with one that actually doesn’t work, so even though I plugged my phone in all day, it didn’t charge.
Next, my mom and I had to drive up to the school when she got home, get the violin, and come back home.

Around this time, we were deciding what to eat for dinner. We decided on cDonalds, so I figured that since the orchestra concert was tonight that I’d practice before dinner. Well, I changed clothes and settled in to my chair, and then she asked me if I was ready to go. Well of course I wasn’t, so I just put on something people wouldn’t look at and then turn away, but the shirt I grabbed was a tank top. Even in Texas, who wears a tank top to McDonalds in the middle of freeking November?

Well it pretty much went normal after that until we were getting ready to go to the concert. My mom and I spent fifteen freeking minutes looking for a pair of black pants because I thought we were supposed to wear those for the concert. Here’s the end result of that
1. I ended up wearing Navy blue.
2. We saw at least two people wearing khaki.

Other than that, the concert ended up being a great success. Even my mom, who I taught a song in 5 or less minutes (I’m proud of that), was able to pull it off at the end of the concert when all the parents had to play one of our songs.

Nothing really weird has happened since then, unless you count the fact that I had to clean up a bag of lunch meet smelling dog treets after they spilled when I was feeding the dogs earlier.
If you ask me, I really don’t know what to call this day. Was it good? Bad? Normal? Okay no it was NOT normal what so ever.

Thanks for reading,
type you later,