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Hey guys,
Steve here.
As most of you guys probably know, the game Swamp, featured in several podcast episodes, went paid a few months ago. The program itself is still free, but to get on multi-player, you need to purchase a Kaldobsky (Kaldobsky is the last name of Swamp’s creator) gamer account. The reason for this was due to the numerous hackers who tried to destroy the server… and Jeremy Kaldobsky figured that if people had to pay $24 per year for a gamer account, it might deter them.
Well last weekend, I finally got around to buying a gamer account, and resumed playing. I was a level 44 when I bought it, and am now level 46. One of my favorite things in the new version is that on all sporting rifles (Marlin, Remington, and Winchester), the reputation and experience you earn per kill has been doubled. Due to this change, I now make sure that every time I die, (which is a lot because I tend to take stupid risks), I purchase a Winchester before doing anything else.
Also, Kaldobsky made it to where you have to go to different maps to buy some of the basic armor. So in order to get a leather jacket, (it provides low protection but doesn’t slow me down like some of the alternatives), combat boots (because they provide medium protection), and a football helmet which can provide a random amount of protection, I have to go to map 3, where there are dire zombies which are very dangerous and hard to kill with the weapons I can afford. In addition, to get there, I must cross a map which is swarming with hoards of zombies.
Because of this, when I level up next time, I will spend 40 skill points on speed (40 is the maximum number of points you can have in that skill), and the remaining 6 on sneak which quiets your footsteps so it’s harder for zombies to hear you. Well, I guess I have a lot of playing to do, because I still need around 8000 more experience points until I can level up. I guess that beats the 11400 I needed when I first reached level 46.
In other news, I’m officially out of middle school, something I’m actually quite happy about. As for summer plans, I am going to the Texas School for the Blind in 2 weeks for a 2 week long writers workshop class, and since I like to write, I’m looking forward to it. The week after, I think I’m going to Texas Lions camp, a camp I’ve attended for the passed 2 years.
Later on in the summer, in August I believe, I think we’re going to Maine, but don’t know exactly what day we’re going.
As for what I’ve already done this Summer, not much. Just relaxing, playing computer games, and forgetting about school.
thanks for reading,
type you later,

Important Podcast Notice, and a Brief Life Update

Hey you guys,
Steve here.

As this post title said, I have a bit of important news about the Steven D Podcast.

First of all, the podcast will be renamed. Devin Gutirez has been helping me for so long that I think I will call the podcast Steven and Devin podcast from now on–he has contributed in a big way–helping me with game demos, and giving his word on 3 to 4 minute segments of the cast. He is very much my cohost of the cast, so I have decided to fully raise him up to this position. So devin if you’re reading this, congrats.
Also, the podcast has a new time and date–it will now be on the first and 3rd Saturday of the month. There is now a calender of podcast reliece dates on the podcast page for the next 3 months through January 1.


Moving on, the passed several days have gone quite well for me. On Sunday, I had to clean… (sadly). But afterward I logged into swamp and played.
Monday I spent practically the entire day on Skype with a couple friends, and also playing swamp. I wanted to become level 18 o swamp that day, but didn’t quite make it that far.
Yesterday was the first school day of the week, and after school I actually made level 18 on swamp!!!! In fact, I have earned 600 more xp since then.
note: I made a swamp campaign repository Monday night. The site is where I put all swamp campaigns; it already has 100 views! …can you say Great Website Devlaying it total!eloper (jk).
Oh and why I’m on the swamp topic, I have spent 3 days 3 hours and 30 minutes playing total… shocking, right?
Back on the life events, I also found a new flight simulater game for the blind, and am afraid I will get addicted to it. Unfortunately it costs money, so I’ll try to work my way up to getting to buy thatt.
Anyway, if you’re wondering what I’m doing in the future, I have church tonight, an open couple days with just school planned Thursday and Friday (I’m saying that assuming my parents haven’t planned something I don’t know about), and this weekend I only have goalball planned.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post, and look forward to new ones.

Thanks for reading,
type you later,

A fun day on the lake

Hello, as I’m sure you know, it is laber day. Well, my family and some friends went out on the lake today, even my cousin Thomas and libby’s friend Madison. Well, we spent the morning in the beach area. Us kids had to tread threw some horible grassie vine type crap that cut our legs and feet. Yeah, it was painful, but I swam as fast as I could in order to get out of there. Well, we had to eat a snack, then get on the boat. On that boat, I tubed for a while, then swam. I was able to swim at least 150 feet without stopping, not to mincion the currant that was pulling me away. After I did that, we came back and ate burgers and stuff, then swam on the beach. I spent most of the rest of the time listening to a group of people kayacing and another one throwing rocks at eachother, while I spent 15 minutes trying to dig tree roots out of the ground.
Finally, It was time to load up and go home. I rode with dad, and so did Libby, but Thom and Madison rode with mom so she could drop them off. When we came home, Libby and I showered, then ate some oatmeel, and finally, I posted my journal entry for the day.