how my day went (thanks Givving!!!)

Before I post this, I just want to tell you that I hope you had a really good thanks givving. Here is how mine went:

Today, I got up and hung out with my sister for a few hours because both parents had work. Then, my grandpa picked us up, and we went to his house. We spent the day there and celebrated thanksgivving. I am not much a turkey person, thus I ate just mashed potatoes. Yep, I’m just boring like that :). Well, after everything winded down from the celebration and everyone who came left, I just hung out with my cousin Thomas and watched some fps russia on youtube with him. That guy is really funny! (fps Russia).
Well, my mom came and took me home around 10:20, and now I am posting this because it is almost 11:00 now. That is all I did today.