when will there be another chance of rain in north Texas?

The next chance of rain, is Thursday, March 8, 2012. The event starts on Wednesday, but the main storms will occur on Thursday. The event will also take place on Friday, and in all, a heavy rain is expected. Around Mesquite, we could be recieving 1.31 inches according to my forecast.com. After that, the next chance is on March 18. This could bring 0.40 inches, but this could always change. I will update later forecasts, and do more of these kinds of posts as the storm season roles around.

how my 2 days went

On Wednesday, I got up and went to school like normal. I had early reliece at around 3:00 because my sister had to get ready to go to this event she had that evening. When we got home, I got ready to go out to eat with my dad and libby got ready for the event. At around 4:15, me and Libby and Dad got into the car and started driving. After we dropped libby off, me and Dad went to Apple Bee’s to eat. After dinner, I came home and took a bath. Then, I fell asleep.
Today, I got up and went to school like normal. Then, I came home and played on the computer for a wile. THen, I played in my sister’s room for a wile. After that, I played on the computer until dinner. After that, I got on the computer and then took a shower. After my shower, I got on the blog. That is all I did the past 2 days