Monday musings 1: Why promote a blog anyway

Hey guys,
Steve here.

I have been blogging for two and a half years now, if not longer than that; yet I still only have on average 13 views per day, 100 followers, and only 8600 views, even after two and a half years. So why do I keep blogging? Why not just say “Oh… this is horrible traffic, and I give up?”
I could very well be doing that if I wanted to… but I don’t. For one, my 8600 views and 100 followers are good enough for me. For two, I didn’t come here to get staggering traffic amounts; I came here to talk about my life, and for the opportunity to write on a regular bases. And even if I stopped receiving followers, or people decided to quit following my blog, and I was blogging for other people, I could still think: there are still people listening.
The small amount of people reading this helps me if anything; after all, It’s better to have a small audience of people you care about than a staggering number of followers whom you don’t know.

You might be wondering why I started off the blog post that way. It has to do with blog promotion, and why I will never attempt to do it. There are so many blog posts (on Google, blogger, word press, live journal etc etc) that talk about how to promote your blog. I must say, that most of these people know quite a bit, and I’m sure this stuff would work well if I tried it.
“Why don’t you try it?” you might be wondering. Well because I think promoting my blog would be a waste of time. Now if you other bloggers want to promote your blog, you go right ahead. Heck, I could even help you get some views, but I myself will not be doing it. In my opinion, a blog like mine wasn’t meant to get 50 billion views per day. A blog like mine wasn’t meant to end up #1 on Google or anything like that. My site was meant to be a sort of notebook, journal if you will… a place where I could talk about my life and I knew anyone who read it would be listening to what I had to say.
So basically, I think that blog promotion is only for those news blogs, tech blogs, or government and/or enterprise sites. Of course, there are others out there who blog like me and will continue to promote their blog, and I wish them the best of luck.

Thanks for reading,
type you later,

updates and milestones

Hello you guys,

Steve again.

I have some important updates to tell you about today.
First of all, the number of views on this blog has officially reached, you guessed it, 5000! That is quite a big milestone for the blog! We are half way to the 5 digit numbers! Since it took about 729 days to reach this number of views, I expect that it will take upto 1300 views (I may be wrong, but who cares) to reach 10000. I just want to thank you viewers for getting this blog so far and paying attention to my content.

Another thing is that I will be creating a photos page soon, gathering all the pictures in my blog and adding them to separate categories, similar to the audio page. Also, I will display the latest image right below the name of the category. Please click on this button thingie every morning until it works. I will tell you that it might take until either tomorrow to get it up and running, so please be patient.

Now, I will tell you about my recent days.

On saturday, I went to my friend’s birthday party. It was a horse back riding party, which turned out to be pretty fun! I will have the pictures posted on this post and hopefully the photos page by friday, so check back then.
After the hourse back riding part, we got some ice cream from Derry Queen (I got a hot fudge milkshake), and my friend opened his present that I got him.

After that party, Saturday night just turned into a relaxed chill kind of night. My dad baught me and my sister some freekishly awesome speakers for our phones and book readers, so me and libby watched stormbreaker, an Alex Rider movie on them.

Sunday was a pretty fun day as well. So, there is this relatively new goalball coach that also helps Libby studie for her AP test. She is pretty funny, and me, libby, and her like to tell jokes. Her name is Shena, but Libby calles her Coach because she was trying to teach Libby who is quite an experienced player (and she is pretty new) how to throw. This brought out the name Coach, and though this occured several weeks or months ago, Libby still uses the name. Well, I went with Libby and Coach to study, after which we ate at some Mexican food restaurant and I got chicken fingers. Then, we got some yogert from this yogert place. I ended up getting cake batter yogert with angel food cake on top.

After that, Coach had to take us home, after which the routine returned to normal.
Yesterday was like any old munday, not much to talk about.
So far, today has been pretty good, I guess if you’d call sitting in reading class an awesome experience.

Well, I guess that wraps up this post for today. Once again, expect those photos to be on that page, and the hourse riding photos by Friday or Saturday hopefully.

Thanks for reading,
type you later,