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how my mbc5 day went

ou know how AI said I was going to the mbc 5 studios this April 27, Well that is where I went. When I got there it was about 9:00. Me, my mom, and my vision teacher M.S. Clay all went and sat in the wating room. I could hardly believe being in the mbc 5 studios. At 9:20, we walked down a hall into a room where the weather studio was located. I got to meat samantha davis and kim fisher! I even heard Samantha do the weather. I also heard the traffic reporter do the traffic. Then after the reporter and weather girls were done, I got a microphone put on me. I spoke about the tornados and thunderstorms we got Monday and Tuesday. Then after that we waited for the next thing I did. I walked up and got enterviewed. Not long after I did the 5 day forecast. Finely, it was time to go. I thaught it was very fun. When we left, we went and ate lunch. Then we picked up Libby and went to the hospital to visit my dad. That is pretty much all I did today



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