how my day went

today was May the 3rd. I went to school like normal, but when I got home it was exciting. I had this laptop for my plesure, until February 28 when it crashed. We didn’t take the laptop to the shop until April 12. It got picked up from the shop on April 29, and my dad tried to look at it and get the drivers and programs on. We needed the cds, but my dad said it would be a couple of days until the cds came. Today I was sitting on the couch with a bad headache. This was the second day I had been waiting for the cds. I asked my dad if they had came yet and he said no. But, he went outside and picked up a muddy invelope and threw it on top of me. I ripped it open expecting to find just some papers, but I found 5 or so cds. After that, my dad started working on the computer. He had to take a break because my nanna and grandpa are moving to rock wall, and we were going to see the house. I learned that the house was across the street from my vision teacher. When we got home from there, my dad got back to the computer. He finished working on the computer just before dinner. Now, I hope to have this computer for a very long time and without anymore crashes. That is how my day went