how my weekend went

On friday I went to school like normal. But, my class got a new student. Her name is Misty. She sits in the desk next to me. We are friends. When I came home I layed down for a wile because I had a headache. After that I rode a bike. For dinner I ate turkie burgers. After dinner I pretty much went to bed because of the headache

On saturday, I played on the computer. Then I went outside for about an hour. When I came in, I just went up to my bed and listened to my audio books. I ate lunch and then went back upstaires to listen to my audio books again. That is all I did until dinner. For dinner I ate beens and ham. After dinner I recorded to my blog then played on the computer. After that I went to bed and listened to my audio books.

Today was pretty fun. In the morning I just sat around the house for a wile. But in the late morning I showerd and me, my dad, and sister went to drop my sister off at a place where she would shoot some kind of video. Why Libby (my sister) wasgone, me and my dad went to goalball practice. It was not my practice but I went anyway. Then we went to my friend Joseph’s birthday party. There I ate cookie cake and then went fishing for the first time. I caught 2 brim fish. Good for a first time catch! After the fishing, joseph opened his birthday presents. Then we got prises for who won the fishing contest. I won by catching 2 fish. I got my own fishing pole!!! Who would of known that I would go from never fishing before to having a fishing pole. After the party, I ate beens and ham for dinner again. That is pretty much all I did this weekend.