how my day went

Today, I got up, ate breakfast, then unloaded the dish washer. After that, I played on the computer for a wile. Then I bounced a big ball, the same one I broke the light fixture with why my sister got on for a wile. Then I kind of hung out in my room for the rest of the morning. I ate lunch at around 12:25 PM. After lunch, I got on the computer and trouble shooted some problems I was having with the battery not charging. The computer I am talking about is the one I got back yesterday. I had a solution to the problem after about 15 minutes of trouble shooting. After that, I got off and bounced the ball again. I was glad that it did not break the light fixture! After that I got back on the laptop for a few minutes before getting in the shower. I was happy because in my bathroom, I had a torn shower curtin that when you showered, water would drip on the floor as well as the shower floor. But, we got a new shower curtin. It was easier to slide, it didn’t hang down, it covered the whole shower, it was clean, and I was never cold if my body came out of the water for a second. After that, I played on the computer till dinner time. For dinner I ate spagetti. After that, I got on the computer and started to download a beet maker called fruity loops 10. I cannot say I finished, because it is downloading as I type.
That is all I did today