how my weekend went

On friday, I went to school like normal. Then when my dad picked me up, we went and looked at cars at a deeler ship. After that, we went to Con’s and my dad baught a tv and laptop. Then, we went home and my dad got ready for work and I got ready to go to my nanna’s house. About 8:30, I got to my nanna’s house. I played there for the rest of the night. On saturday, I got up and got ready with my nanna and cousin to go to my aunt and her friend Windy’s house. We went there and hung out, scate boarded, moped around, and faught for a11 hours. For dinner we ate apple-bee’s. We didn’t get home until mid-night. Today, I got up and me and my cousin hung out at my nanna’s house and watched the Haunting, the 911 documentary and mistery diagnosis. Then it was time to get my sister from the airport because on Thursday she flew to Arizona for a goalball tourniment. After we picked her up, Me and her had to go home. We played with colbie until she had to leave. Then we ate dinner and showered. That is all I did today.