how my day went

Today, was full of action. By the way the day was going, I didn’t think anything would happen. Well, I was hanging out with my sister until between 4:30 and 5:00, when we heard someone produce a blood curtling scream. Well, we were at home alone, so we freeked out. So, we called dad in our bathroom, and he told us to get off and call 911. After I got off with them, I told my sister that they would look around the area. Well, he knocked at our door and came in asking where our white dog was. I thought that was kind of strange, because we don’t have a white dog. Well, we kind’ve thought that was weird. So, we called mom, and the officer talked to her. When he got off, he said that it must’ve been the pit bool from 2 doors down. Well later, we found something pecular about newton. He had taken a long time to come, and cassie had been licking him in a weird way. She usually never does. So, we called mom. Also, I felt Newton’s head, and it was wet. I just figured that it was mud, but it wasn’t. Well, my mom was genually conserned with the dog, since he wasn’t doing anything. So, my neighbor came over and began to tend to him while my mom raced home. When she got there, we ran in and got newton and sped off to the vet. In the drive, newton saturated a whole entire blanket with blood. After we dropped him off and found that his ear was almost split in half, we came home and mom cleaned up the blood. After that, we got some mcdonnld’ss for dinner. After we ate, I got on the blog. That is all I did today.