how my day went

today, I got up and went to school like normal. But in 5th period, the tornado cyrens began to go off, and we had to stop class, just in case of an emergency. We were still able to go to 6th period, but we had to go under the desks just in case a tornado happened, while every one else in the other classes sat in the hall. I just chatted with my friend Caleb until sixth period ended, then we went to 7th period like normal.
When we were about to leave school, the bad weather came back. I walked in the front of the school, it was hailing, and very dark. By the time we left, the syrens were going off again, so my mom ddrove home. When we got there, I just put up my clothes, and waited out the weather. When it finished, I listened to my eye pod until dinner. Then, I ate and listened to it again. After that, I showered and got on the blog. That is all I did today.