how my day went

Today, I woke up early. I was thursty, and had woken up listening to my audio book. After I got a drink, I played on the computer, listened to my book, then fell asleep until about 8:15. Then, I ate and listened to my audio book. Then, I played on the computer, and listened to my book again until lunch. After lunch, I went back up, listened to my book, played on my eye pad, then went outside. Then, I came in and got on the computer. After that, I listened to my book, until 4 when I got a snack. Then, I went back up and listened to the book until dinner. After dinner, I just sang while doing my chores. Then, I listened to my book, showered, then got on the blog. That is all I did today.

2 thoughts on “how my day went”

    1. Yes, I have always loved audio books, I can’t get enough of them. I listen to them in the day, and fall asleep to them at night. As soon as they finish, I get my mom to get me new ones. I am currently reading “stone heart” and am about to start with “aragon”. Thanks for your comment