a day at home alone

Today, I woke up early. The reason was that mom and dad were both at work (dad was out of town.) So, I got up super early, because I don’t like sleeping when my sister and I are at home alone. Well, I spent today hanging out on the computer, lying around on the love seet, doing chores, and even going to the doctor. I got about 3 shots there, and especially hated the chicken pocks shot, because it hurt. They also had to treet Libby for an infection that made her sick. After the doctors, we came back home, and I spent the afternoon playing on the computer, then doing chores until my mom got home. Then, I ate dinner, then posted my journal. That is all I did today.


Author: Steve D

I'm a dude who likes coding, writing, gaming, and weather. If you wish, visit me on the web at www.stevenD.net.

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