how my day went

Today, me, libby, mom, and Madison got ready and went to this rise adventures event. There was all kinds of water activities, and we did quite a lot of them. At first, we just rode a pontune boat, then we kayaked, and then rode in a skee boat. After that, we had lunch, bounced in some bounce houses, then left the event and went to goalball practice. Then, we came home, and a short time later, me and mom dropped the girls off at Madison’s house and got some dinner. Then, we came home, ate, and spent the rest of the night just relaxing and I just played on my computer that I got fixed. That is all I did today.

One thought on “how my day went”

  1. Hey Steven,
    This is Ms. Kristie! Have a great time. Ms. Jamille said to tell you hi. I can’t wait to hear about your week. Tell Ms. Julie hi for me. 🙂