how my day went

Today, instead of going to school, I got up and got ready to go to nbc 5 interview about an event called sports extravaganza. Read NBC5’s news storie on it.
After the interview, me, dad, and Libby came home, and while dad went on a bike ride, the two of us just hung out and I played on the computer. At around 3 or so, dad had been back from the bike ride for a while, the three of us got ready and went to the goalball torniment and on the way picked up Libby’s friend and another goalball player that needed a ride to the torniment. When we got there, I met up with my team the dragons, and we and the coaches stretched and warmed up, in preparation for the game that was at 6:00. Before we knew, it was time for the game. We played good and hard for that game, only to find ourself emersed in another match with the same team. After our two games, the team took a break and I met up with my parents, and we had pizza and cookies, before playing our last game of the night. After that game, I met up with my parents again, and we watched someone else’s game until the award saramony after which I left with my dad and my sister and her friend left with my mom so they could drop her friend off.
When me and dad got home, I posted this entry. Now, I will crash hard into a deep sleep.