stunning info about cats you’ll never believe! learn the true facts about those cuddly furry animals you love.

I aquired this information from cat world’s guinness book of world records page, and you will be amaised once you read this.

Oldest cat was 38 years old. Did you know that my mom isn’t even 38 yet. It’s funny to think of a cat living that long.
the heaviest cat was 46.8 pounds. Not to long ago, I heard about a cat that weighed 40 pounds, and they thought that was big?
The lightest cat only weighed 1 pound and 8 ounces. This little fellow was the size of a checkbook.
The smallest cat was only 6 inches high, but 2 years old. I have a kitten that is at least that high.
The most mice caught by a cat was 28899. This was a 24 year old girl cat, who worked for the Glenturret distillery.
the most toes a cat ever had was 29, and the usual amount is only 18.
The most amount of kittens produced by a cat in her lifetime was 420.
the biggest litter born on August 7, 1970 had 19 kittens.
the longest a cat ever fell without it being fatle was 16 floors or 200 feet.
did you know that someone actually left 1000000 pounds to his cat in his will. Pounds as in a currency.
A couple (Jack and Donna Wright) actually had 689 cats. that was the most ever owned cats in the guinness book of world records. once again, you can go to the cat world record page to see this and more records.