how my day went

Today, I spent most of the day at my nanna’s house hanging with the 2 girls, and running arinds. We (me, my nanna and aunt, and the 2 girls) all went to the mall around 10:30, and didn’t get back until around 2. We had lunch there, so when we got back I just got on my computer for a while, then played wii with them. Then, Thomas came back home around 5:00, but by that time I was about to go back to my house. After eating some grilled cheese, chatting for a while, and packing up my computer, my aunt took me home (Thom rode with us). Note that I was just joking around and said we’d get there at 6:07 PM, and we pulled up at my house at exactly 6:07.
After we got there, I just winded down from that fun week, and played on the computer before posting this journal entry. That is all I did today.