how my day went, the first day of a fun weekend

Let me just tell you, the first part of the day wasn’t fun at all. I am beginning on a bad note, so we can end on a good one.
Well, we got up at 3:15. After getting ready, going to the airport, and getting on the plane, is when the bad part started. I stood up to use the bathroom, and nearly passed out–I don’t know if it was standing up in a high altitude combined with walking in a moving plane, I had to catch myself several times, and put my head in my hands. It went away a little after I sat back in my airplane seat, but I felt all crappy n snappy for the rest of the time we were in the airport. But, the friged conneticut air was welcoming to me, and that is where the good part starts.
After dosing off in the car, the feeling went away. We drove over to my great grandmother’s house–she was surprised to see us, because no one told her anything. Then, we went to Reins’, a family-owned newyork version (the family came from New York) of a Jason’s delly. However, I ate a burger and fries (not healthy, but Im on vacation), and then we hopped in the car only the 2 parents and kids. We drove over and looked at a couple of our relatives houses, before going back to grandma’s house and visiting, and I listened to my book until about 6. Then, we left and went over to my mother’s cousin’s house where we were going to stay for the weekend, and hung out and ate dinner. Then, I posted this blog entry. That is all I did today.