how my day went, home sweet home.

Today, we got up and packed. Then, we went over to Grandma Potter’s for breakfast, before leaving Connecticut behind :(. Soon however we reached the airport, ordered some coffee, and after drinking it hopped abord the plain and let it take us home.

Man oh man, I don’t think any airplain has ever made my ears pop so bad. Even after we left the airport my ear drumbs ached every time I burped or yohned. Well, after getting the (crap) off that plain, we all went home and entered the house to find the kitties had missed us. Bell was running up to my mother and Trashua was meowing (we eventually found they needed to be fed because they used up all there food over the weekend). Well, after going to home sweet home, it was time to do a whole lot of homework sweet homework (NOT!!!!).
After finishing that work, I ate dinner, then posted this entry. That is all I did today.