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how my day went+mary Christmas!

Before I get started, I just wanted to tell you guys “MARY CHRISTMAS!!!!” Please comment and tell me what you got for this wonderful holiday, and what you did.

Well, here is what I did and got:

1. 2 talking callery counters.
2. 2 airsoft guns.
3. 2 helicopters.
4. a pare of headphones for my computer (they have a microphone so I will be doing lots of game reviews in the future!)
5. a pare of headphones for my phone or eye pod.
6. a stationary bike
7. a remote control car.
8. an airsoft sticky target.
9. candy
10. a robot flashdrive.
11. a robot shaped thing where you can plug up to 4 usb devices into.

that sums it up for what I got.

Here is how the day went.

Today, I got up and opened presents, and ate breakfast. Then, I played with my presents until lunch, ate, then me and my other 3 family members went to my papa Dutch’s place. While we were going there, rain began to change over to snow. It was actually very quick, only taking 5 minutes to complete. I spent 3 hours sitting in a recliner, talking to people, sleeping, and having a snowball war with my dad. When we all left, I came home and spent the night hanging out with my mom and sister, as my dad slept for work the next day.

Oh by the way did I tell you to have a mary Christmas?



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