how my day went

Today, I woke up at around 2:30 foer some reason. I fell asleep 2 hours after that however, but got up at around 8. When I got up for good, I ate breakfast, played on the computer, and then hung out with my sister. I had been making lots of revisions to the site and viewing other sites, so I was on the computer for about an hour and a half, so when I got off and hung out with my sister it was like 10:15. After that, I played on the computer for a while longer, took a shower after my dad left for work, then ate lunch. After that, I got ready for goalball, and my nanna had to take Libby and I to practice because both mom and dad had work. After practice, we ran by her house, and I hung out with Colbie my cousin for a while while my nanna took my grandpa to pick his car up from the shop (it broke).
After that at around 5 or so, me, Libby, Nanna, and Colbie all went to McDonalds and ate a hearty meal. When we left, my nanna dropped me and Libby at our house. By this time, it was around 6:20. So, me and Libby just spent the rest of the time relaxing, watching tv, and listening to the radio. When my mom came home, I came upstairs and posted this journal entry (after relaxing on the couch and watching the movie Bolt, about a talking dog).
That is all I did today.

some things I want to tell you

  • 18 people have died under the age of 18 years old from the floo virus in north texas. That is more than a little scary
  • I wonder why disney channel has been playing so many movies and shows about talking dogs. Do they think they are real or something?
  • there was a 7.5 magnitude earthquake in Alaska today, about 3:00 A.M cst.
  • my stomach hurts from eating McDonalds today