how my day went

Hello you guys, I am here to tell you about my day again. Well, after a rather boring school day, I was pleased to come home. When I got there, I spent a little while just hanging with the kitties and relaxing until my mom got home from picking Libby up from school. Well, of course I ate me a little snack after that, and then had to do some weird work sheet for my reading class. I didn’t even finish until after 5. Well, finally completed the worksheet, I decided to get on the computer and mess around for a few minutes, until dinner. For dinner, I had a chicken sandwich, and jalapeno beans. No joke on the jalapeno part either. Well, after my taste buds got their work out, It was time for me and Libby to do our work out. I did the stationary bike as usual, before we came out of there and watched tv with my mom and sister. After that, I had a little slice of cake and milk, and am now posting about my day.