how my day we

I added a tornado recording to my weather page. This one has very about a minute of wind and thunder, before the skies open up and let loose. They will pour out heavy rain, that will have you brainwashed. The dassling booming sounds of the thunder and wind will sweep you off your fewet. Finally, get to the climax with winds that will blow you away in the tornado, and wind down with a clinzing rain. Hope you enjoy it!

Well, here is my day:

Today, I had to go to school again. It was an average day. When I got home, I spent a while in my room, playing with bell. By the way, the pour thing got herself locked in there from 7:30 this morning to almost 4:15. Well, after that I had some chicken soup, read a book called Abby Diamond, and then worked out with my sister. After working out on the stationary bike, I read for 20 minutes before posting this. That is all I did today. By the way, I sure did work out a sweat on that bike, and the book I was reading is based on a blind girl, since it was my vision teacher who rote it. The girl is my sister, Libby.