how my day went

Today was a jam packed day. Well, me and my mom got up early and ran on the track. We did 2 miles in 28 minutes. Well, after coming home, I had to shower, and get ready to go bowling. Me, mom, and Libby all went, because Dad had to work. Well, it turned out to be fun. I had 92 points, and Libby had 75 points. There were 2 other kids that were playing with us. One of them wooped all of our butts, and the other one got a score between mine and Libby’s. After the bowling thing, we had goalball practice. There are timed throws that we do every Saturday, and my shortest time was 2.31 seconds. That is really good for me. Well, after goalball we all headed home and had a relaxed evening. My mom tot me how to make coffee, and made dinner. While she made dinner, me and Libby just sat in the kitchen talking to her. Well, I watched television, and then played on my computer. Then, since I’d already worked out, I sat and read 11 pages of Abby Diamond while Libby ran on the treadmill. Then, after playing on the computer some more, I am now posting. That is what I did today.