Life update and 2013 Annual report

Hey guys,
Steve here.

Believe it or not, but this happens to be the last post I will ever make in 2013. It certainly has been a great year… and I have the annual report to prove it.

As a start, I changed up, and began new things on this blog since January 1st of last year. They are as follows:

  • On February 19, 2013, I quit the “how my day went” entries, as I felt they were getting a bit repetitive
  • On March 3, I released Stranded part 1, the beginning of my action choose-your-own-story type book trilogy
  • On March 31, I did my first ever storm recording
  • on April 21, this blog turned 2 years old
  • on April 30, this blog reached 5000 views
  • on May 12, I began the Steven D Podcast
  • on June 18, I released Stranded part 2
  • On July 22, I switched my site’s files over to drop box
  • August 25 was one year after I purchased
  • on September 22, I released the swamp campaign maker
  • on December 5, I got up to 100 followers
  • On December 9, I began the Monday’s musings entries
  • –I don’t remember dates for these things–

  • I changed several pages (deleting audio, recreation, jenga, bouncy balls, animal, cat, and weather, but keeping natural events, my audio game reviews and demonstrations, and weather radio forecasts
  • My writing and post quality increased this year (oh yeah it did)

As for stats, wordpress has created this report for my blog, and here it is

Here’s what you guys achieved:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,900 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Not only that, but you and I helped this blog achieve other awesome stats, and they are as below:
-In 2013, I published 115 posts (this being the 115th), growing the total number of posts to 722!
-In addition, I uploaded 20 pictures (7 mb worth), averaging out to about 2 pictures per month.
-Aparently, you really liked these posts and/or pages:
the podcasts page This was number 1, so I guess it was most viewed. I’m glad you enjoyed my podcast!
The close second, another seemingly popular page, was the gamebooks page, so I guess you loved my gamebooks.
Coming up at #3, although no longer existing, was the audio page.
In fourth place, *holds out a fourth place ribbon*, was the audio game reviews and demonstrations page. So I assume you thought my reviews and playthroughs were good?
And finally, bottoming out at #5 but still pretty awesome, was the no longer existing recreation page.
-All the traffic I got had to have come from some source(s), so here are the top 5 sources that people found my blog from:
In first place, *holds out a gold metal*, was the great website This is the forum, a place where I frequently post, and I have the link to my website at the bottom of my post signature.
Our runner up, *holds out a silver metal*, was I plan to take this site down–it used to be the address of this website, now all that is on it is a post called “changed blog address” with a link to this site.
Not far behind our runner up, came in at 3rd place. *holds out a bronze metal* This is the website of the game Death Match that my friend Danny is making.
Coming in fourth place, *holds out a fourth place ribbon*, is This happens to be where the guest book on the chat with steve page is hosted.
And finally, in last place but still bringing that good traffic, *holds out a fifth place ribbon* is This means that people clicked on the link to my website directly from emails I sent them.
-As a final method of searching people used to find this site, you guys searched using a search engine. the 4 most common tags you used to find my blog were:
2. funny stories about eggs
3. where can you create a free blog
4. last time that hail in 75181.

Obviously, I am the new Mr. World Wide. Because in this year alone, people from 62 different countries viewed this site. Although the United States was the country where the most visitors came from, Germany and Canada were not too far behind.
On a last note, there were a few of you who gave a lot of feedback. As a start, Monday’s Musings 2: to be like my cat for a day… do I really want that, published on December 16, was the most commented on post of the year. The top 5 commenters are as follows:

1. Rebecca Dunn-she wrote 8 comments for this blog.
2. MRS. Moten, who wrote 7 comments.
3. DeWayne Handy wrote 6 comments.
4. Dadams8105 wrote 4 commentss. Visit her site at
5. Sharon wrote 4 comments.

And that about concludes the annual report for 2013, keep helping me produce these awesome stats!

With that out of the way, let me give you a brief life update. Since Thursday night, I have not done much. On Friday, the only productive thing I did was going to Walmart with my mom and getting craft supplies. On Saturday, I didn’t do much, besides playing lots of swamp and taking advantage of the oppertunity to relax. Sunday was pretty much the same, besides the morning church service. Yesterday and today were more or less the same–I just relaxed, and took advantage of the time to chill. I hope that I have more to talk about in the next life update.

I guess that about wraps up tonight’s post. I hope you enjoyed this post, and all other posts in 2013. Though this was the last post of the year, I hope you look forward to the posts that are published in 2014, and I also hope you have a great new year!

Thanks for reading,
type you later,

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