Monday’s Musings 6: The True Meaning of Blogging In My Prospective

Hey guys,
Steve here.

I’ve never been one to stay on top of anything–I’ve always either forgotten or decided to quit pretty much all regiments and routines I made for myself… but not blogging.
I don’t know why, but blogging has become a big part of my life. When I first started blogging, I figured that I might keep it up for a few months or so, and then just quit all together. I never stopped, did I? And now we are almost to the 1000th day.
If you’re wondering what I am trying to say here, my point is that blogging means a lot to me. I think that with blogging, I have finally found a true passion for me; at least for the time being. As long as I blog, I can vent, rant, and rage all I want to (not that I do that much), and anyone who is willing to listen will, and no one can tell me to be quiet. As long as I blog, I can write down what is going on in my life, so I can look back at this far into the future and remember the past.
For me, though, the best part of having a blog, is that it’s like having an extra friend to talk to. I can write anything, and guarantee that my blog won’t object. When I write on this blog, I know that no matter what, someone is always listening. With a blog, there is never a sense of being ignored; you know that everyone who is reading your content is interested in what you have to say.
So to sum it up, blogging, for me, is more than just typing some words into a text field and hitting publish. It goes way beyond that, and for that I will continue to blog. Even as we approach the 1000th, and even hopefully the 10000th day and beyond, I will always have a patient listener to talk to, and I can be sure that there will always be a place for the words of me, Steven D.

Thanks for reading,
type you later,


Author: Steve D

I'm a dude who likes coding, writing, gaming, and weather. If you wish, visit me on the web at

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