Monday's Musings 13: does there have to be a solid answer to every question?

Hey guys,
Steve here.
Yesterday evening, me, my dad, and my papa were having a conversation, and the subject of global warming was brought up, and ever since then I’ve felt the need to muse about this topic.
Is it just me, or is it a fact that we, as humans, have to have reasons for everything? Isn’t it a well known fact, that we always have to have a solid answer to all of our questions? There are countless examples of this.
As a first, religion. Although I do believe in god, wouldn’t you say religion is our answer to how the universe formed, and what happens after you die? I don’t think we know any of these things, so we have to make up an answer, and stick with it. Science theories such as the “big bang theory” are also examples of this. I believe that scientists don’t necessarily know how the universe was formed, but that they look at evidence from our universe’s past, and associate it with a theory, thus giving them an answer as to how the universe was formed.
Another example would be the global warming thing I mentioned earlier. Our climate is changing, as I’m sure you all know. But doesn’t everything change? Why does it have to be us causing it?
And besides, this winter has been the coldest we’ve had in quite some time. If our climate was changing due to global warming, wouldn’t this winter be the warmest in quite some time?
And if records didn’t break, they wouldn’t exist. So just because we’re breaking weather records more frequently, and the climate is going through changes, it doesn’t mean we need to quit doing what we’re doing.
So do you get what I’m saying? Wouldn’t you agree that we always seem to come up with reasons and answers for everything? I don’t disagree with this subject; my take on it is that humans have great imaginations, and can come up with some pretty darn good answers.
Thanks for reading,
type you later,