Monday's Musings 14: What blogging is to me

Hey guys,
Steve here.
This isn’t a post on why I prefer a blog over social media, and this isn’t a post on why I think it would be a waste of time to promote a blog. No, this post is here to answer a few of your questions: Why do I blog? What does it mean to me? How much longer do I plan to have this blog? How have I managed to blog for so long?
Blogging, to me, is more than writing a post and hitting the publish button. It goes deeper than that–I put thought and work into these posts. Whether it’s my current life events, how I feel about something, or even if something just comes to mind, I can be assured that this blog and the people reading it are there to listen.
I didn’t set up this blog to see how much popularity it could gain, as you know by reading my first ever Monday’s Musings post. This blog wasn’t intended to appease the people. If everyone decided to shun my blog for whatever reason, unlike your average news blog, I wouldn’t shut down–I don’t care how appealing my posts are. I don’t care how much people like them. I don’t care about how many likes, tweets, shares, reblogs, and comments my posts get, (although when I get those I know that there are people who appreciate what I write). Because for me, blogging is more than a hobby, more than something fun to do. It’s an outlet, a passion, and the virtual book of my life.
To put it this way , each post on this blog is a chapter of my life, every Monday’s musings post a foot note in the margin letting you know more about my thoughts. And besides, I feel like I can express myself more through my writing than when talking. It seems even to me, that my deeper thoughts, passions, and feelings come out in what I write, and having this blog gives me a place for my writing.
So if you’re wondering how I’ve managed to blog for so long, the answer is that it’s sort of grown on me. It has turned into a part of my every day life, imbedding itself among all the other things I have to do. As for when this blog will be taken down, I don’t know. But let me assure you, it won’t be for a long, long time. So at least for now, sit back and look forward to all the chapters to come, as I travel day by day through the book that is my life.
Thanks for reading,
type you later,

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