Monday's musings 17: Is there any other blogger like me?

Hey guys,
Steve here.
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Often, when talking about blogging, there are many topics that come up. Religion, politics, traveling, photos, cooking… you name it. Being a blogger myself, I find myself looking through the reader for things I like blogging about… and usually, I find rellavent results. However, none of these bloggers are like me–some of them are college students, moms, preachers, travelers, photologgers, doing completely different things than me. If you’ve been reading this site for a while, you’ve discovered this about me: I’m a teenage boy, who loves computers and cats, and has a passion for blogging. I also like recording things, talking to my friends on skype, and for the life of me can’t keep any kind of schedule to save my life. I don’t use social networking, I don’t much care to have my picture taken thus elimonating the likelyhood of me being a photologger, and traveling isn’t my thing. And cooking… well if I try to cook, the house might go up in flames (jk, I’m sure I could be a good cook if I wanted to); but that’s beside the point.
So as I sit here, writing this post, I wonder: is there any other blogger like me? Is mine the only site like it? Is my blogging style unique to the rest of the entire bloggosphere? And better yet, under what category would my blog go?
Even browsing the’s recommended blogs section, I found some of the following: cooking, family, arts, books, humor, traveling… well you get the picture. But even reading one of the 753 posts written on this blog, you can tell I don’t belong in any such category. This makes me question my placement in the bloggosphere. Not whether or not I should blog, but where I fit in as far as categories go.
Yet some how, I find myself at one conclusion every time this thought comes up. Maybe, what makes this site so unique, is that I might be the first of my kind. The first teenage blogger, who loves cats, recording things, has a passion for writing, enjoys programming, and blogs whatever comes to his mind.
There are plenty of good bloggers out there; quite of which I’ll probably end up following, liking, or commenting on their content before my blogging days are done. One thing is for sure, if I found one out of the 12 million bloggers on wordpress like me, I would most certainly follow him/her. And better yet, I would be happy to have the question of all time answered–where do I fit in on the bloggosphere?
Thanks for reading,
type you later,