A pretty awesome 3-day weekend

Hey guys,
Steve here.
Few, this weekend went by incredibly fast. We had something planned every day, so there wasn’t much chill time, and what little chill time I had, I spent talking to friends, reading, or sleeping, though I did squeeze in a bit of gaming here and there.
To start off, we went to Friday night fellowship last Friday night, as I said we’d be doing in Wednesday’s post. In case you didn’t know, Friday night fellowship is where everyone goes up to the church to play games, eat, and socialize.
Being that we were having a lot of fun, we didn’t end up leaving the church until about 11:00, thus I ended up crashing when we got home.
On Saturday, we had goal ball as usual, then we had to baby sit for some of our church friends because they were attending a graduation. They have 4 kids, the youngest being 2, and the oldest being 12. Thankfully, the 12 year old is a boy, so I hung out with him the whole time.
On Sunday, besides going to church twice as usual, I relaxed during the afternoon, and after evening church my family and I ate dinner with 2 friends of ours from church, though not the same ones who’s kids we baby sat on Saturday. Once again, this ended late, so we didn’t get home until around 11.
As for today, we had that family get together I talked about in Wednesday’s post. Also, I downloaded the game River Raiders, which you’ve probably heard me talk about on this site before. In fact, I’ve recorded my scores on the game scores page, and done several demonstrations on the audio game reviews and demonstrations page.
Well, after downloading it again, I got addicted to it. And around 8:35 or so, I started a game that lasted me 20 minutes, (the time you start out with is 5 minutes but the copious amount of bonuses and superbonuses I got added on time), and the end result, a score of 1,822 points. That’s by far the highest score I’ve ever earned in that game!
As for how I did it, the ghosts kept cursing me (I talked about this in the review I did on the audio game reviews and demonstrations page but when ghosts curse you it calls all the monsters in the river to your location), and I was able to escape the mob of monsters. In fact, the cursing better gave me an idea of where the monsters were, since it put them all in one place.
Also, I kept getting monster super paralyzer bonuses, so I was able to freely move about the river for short periods of time. So all of those, combined with my awesome skills, made for a wonderful, record breaking game.
Well, I guess that about wraps up this post. I hope you all enjoyed reading it!
Thanks for reading,
type you later,