Steven D Podcast Episode 14: When it All Falls Down (bk3, part 3)

Let me tell you a story: there was once a mayor of a tiny town under attack who said, “Find a safe place if you don’t want to die.” And then, he died.

Listen to this rather amusing part 3 of my BK3 playthrough, as I complete the rest of stage 2 and most of stage 3.

Flying lamps? Oh yeah, plenty of those here. What about bouncing desks that do damage by jumping up and landing on your head? Uh… yeah… those are here too for some reason. Also, how can a swarm of bees drop glass light bulbs on to peoples’ heads? I guess that also begs the question, how many bees does it take to unscrew a light bulb? Perhaps most amusing though are the security carts whose idea of stealth is to cut their engines so you can’t hear them — while you’re already attacking them. Apparently they didn’t get the memo that playing possum spares nobody from the tantrum throwing, lightning conjuring, shotgun blasting, evil psychotic maniac mayor aptly named King Godlord.

All of these can be found, and more, in this epic part of our adventure! As a bonus, something extremely amusing occurs that puts our “good hero” in his place. I just won’t say what it is or when it happens — you’ll have to listen to find out!