Steven D Podcast Episode 18: Electronic Turmoil Behind the Red Painted Forth Wall (BK3, part 5)

This is a continuation of my ongoing playthrough of BK3, an action RPG that is part of a series developed by a strange young fellow named Yukio Nazawa.

This part continues the playthrough’s peculiar nature, introducing some of the following: apparently, shooting small iron balls gets rid of hellish demonic spawn better than any exorcism ever could.

Our little hero has a greedy side. Don’t worry, he may have been punched to the ground for this.

This organization we’re fighting may be evil, but don’t worry. They apparently teach their soldiers that they have to come in to my sword’s range sometimes before shooting, if that says anything about their strategical prowess.

Oh! And lastly, should an NPC decide to break the 4th wall, rest assured he will promptly receive a swift gift from the developer’s mighty paintball gun. Yeah, apparently Yukio has had a paintball gun all along, he’s just not used it to help me out so far.

As you can tell, this was one heck of an episode! I hope you enjoy it, and look forward to the next one as always!