Steven D Podcast Episode 19: Rage Inducing Monkeys

In this episode, I play through Awesome Homer, an older, but still very enjoyable title created by Jim Kitchen. Though I originally figured I knew exactly what I was doing, given I’ve played through the game twice already, my confident attitude transitioned to rage and confusion by the end of the game. (Yes, this is one of the rare episodes of the podcast where you get to see me rage at least once, so if that’s entertaining to you you should definitely check this one out!)

Although we discover that it has some issues running on Windows 10, this legacy title is definitely fun to play, and I’m hoping this episode brings it back into the spotlight, if only for a bit. Even though stripping out my horrible direction challenges and less-than-optimal driving skills would make this game a speedy play, its unique selection of level designs make up for that in my opinion.