how my day went

Today, It was Libby’s birthday. So, I got up, played with the cat, then hung out with Libby until we ate donuts, cenomen roles, and chocolate milk for breakfast. Then, I just played on the computer while my mom and sister talked about there plans for the day. Then, I just played jenga and bounced a ball until they left, then I played on the computer and took a nap before eating lunch. After lunch, I just laid down and relaed until my dad got home. Then, I played on the vcomputer until my mom and sister got home, then got ready to go to a sea food place for dinner. We left about 4:30, and when we got there I ate chicken strips and fries, along with a huge cup of fruit punch. My nanna and papa Dutch were there, along with my dad’s brother Josh. Libby also had her friend Madison there, because they were going to a haunted house with my mom afterwards. I chicken out at haunted houses, so I refuse not to go. After dinner, me and my dad went home, and I just listened to my tape recorder before posting the journal. That is all I did today.