I had a goalball tournament today

It is April 30.

I play this sport called goalball. Today I had a tourniment for it! I am blind so I had to do an oNMAthon (orientation and mobility a-thon). So, I woke up at 6:45 AM and got ready. Then, we took the 3-hour drive to Round Rock Texas. That is where both things took place. We got to the school in Roundrock that this was taking place in. We usually do the O N M a-thon inside the school, but we did most of it outside because the fire alarm was going off. The O N M a-thon is where blind people come and do several events like rock climbing, beeping baseball, softball throw, socker ball kicks, and track events. We did the O N M a-thon until 12:00 PM when we went in and ate lunch. After lunch, we played the goalball tournament. My team crushed both teams we played against! I now have a first-place meddle that shows a man holding a torch with a reeth around it wich means victory. After that, we drove the 3 hour drive back home and then I got on my blog.