how to make a power point presentation and put it on cd with microsoft powerpoint viewer included

Things you will need:

  • A computer running windows
  • Microsoft office powerpoint 2003
  • The skill to make a powerpoint
  • At least 1 writeable blank cd rom

1. Open microsoft powerpoint 2003

2. title the first slide in the already opened new project “Test.”

3. go over to the sub-title place holder and type example

4. Now you have the first slide complete, press alt n then escape and now you have slide 2. Title this example text slide.

5. type just a centence or 2 in the boddy place holder.

you now know how to create and edit slides. Do this multiple times if you want more. Do the exact same things you did for slide 2 and not 1.

6. When your done adding slides, add them to the CD.

1. go to the file menu and click package for cd. a dialog box will pop up, so type the name of the cd in the edit box that comes up.

2. Add multiple files by clicking the add files button. A dialog box will pop up so you can select more presentations.

3. You can change the options, but that is optional. Otherwise, stick your cd in.

note: you must stick your cd in before proceeding to step 4

4. After the cd loads and is properly in, press copy to cd.

5. Waite until the file(s) are completely on. It will pop up a dialog that will tell you it was a success and the cd rom will pop out. Press close on the copy to cd dialog

6. Now, close all windows on the computer and put the cd in. It will show all of your slide shows.

7. You are done!!! Now, just find a good place to stick the cd.

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