A brief update on my past and future life

Hey guys,
Steve here.

I’ve already made it through over half the school week. I often wonder how such a stressful, strenuous-on-the-brain activity as school can go by so fast. But either way, as I lie hear, suffering from both the lazy bug and a severe case of “I don’t feel like doing anything idis,” I really don’t care about how quick school was today; the fact that I get to chill right now is what matters.
The last two days, I’ve continued to hold myself accountable for that goal I set on Stranded. I have yet to work on it tonight though. Also, speaking of projects and the like, I have a national history day project that I have to do by the 13th of next month. “and I present to you… the world’s worst procrastinator, *drum roll*… Steven D!” That being said because I haven’t started on it. Also to proove that I’m a procrastinator, I have 10 service hours for NJHS due by December 11, and only have 1 down.
Although I dread doing the history project as much as I dread the math STAAR test, I still have to do it anyway because it’s “mandatory” for all pre-AP students in my school district to do it.
Moving on, I had that NJHS thing I told you I would be attending this afternoon. I had to help two of my friends sweep, but it was fun because I knew a lot of people that stayed after school for that and got to talk to them. The only bad thing is that I didn’t get home until around 4:40. Also while on the subject of school (even though this isn’t necessarily about school itself), my sister and I won a poem/drawing contest for my dad’s work. In this contest, children of the people who work for his company would enter a drawing or poem or something like that into the contest to go on a fitness calender. Whoever won would receive a $50 visa gift card and a flash light. Both my sister and I won this contest, but I don’t have the poems we wrote to put on the blog. Sorry about that.
As far as future life goes, I can’t say anything concerning what will happen tomorrow, but hopefully the carpet upstairs will be put in on Friday. I’m ready for things to return to normal. On Saturday and Sunday, since I don’t have goal ball, I honestly have no clue what I will do. Next week will only bring two days of school; both expected to be very cold. We get out for Thanksgiving break Tuesday, with our first full day off Wednesday. The week after the break, I have an orchestra concert on December 3rd. My sister also has one the same time on the same day but at different schools, so we’ll have to work something out. If I am right, I think I have a choir concert the week after the orchestra concert, and my national history day project is due that same week. Also, Christmas break starts the next week (on December 20), and Christmas is the week after that. So, to make things short, I have something going on every week for the rest of 2013.
I guess that about sums up life, and this blog post for that matter.

Thanks for reading,
type you later,

P.s. I’m still addicted to Hogwarts Live. Tell me, is it a problem that I have jumped up 11 levels since I posted the last update?


Hey you guys,

Steve here.

I had quite a good weekend. My goalball coach said I did really good. Also, I finally got that game put up, so I hope that you will enjoy it.

On the other hand, I wasn’t ready to face the challenge of school today. You know, weekends just fly by way too fast. It is like you are going home from school on Friday, only to blink your eyes and be back again. One thing to look forward to however is the prospect of being on spring break next week. That is the only sperit lifter I can think of at the moment, it being Monday and all.

On the weather forecast however, there is going to be a very warm today. It is supposed to reach 85 digrees, something I haven’t experienced in so long, I don’t even know the date that last happened. To top that off, it will be 57 tomorrow afternoon. It is warmer than that right now at about 9:30 in the morning!
Also, last Monday there was freezing cold windy weather, with highs in the upper 40’s. Think back to 168 hours ago, how cold it was. Amarillo was being pounded with heavy snow, and we were getting a couple flurries. Take that back, perhaps it was about 162 hours ago, since the cold came in the afternoon. Now, we are in the 80’s, how is that?

back to my life, I am addicted to two new games. I will give you the links to download them at the app store at the bottom of this post. One is called accessible minesweeper, sited people can play too, and the other is called tap the mole. Tap the mole is also accessible for blind people, yet again sited players can play this one as well.
Since I couldn’t go out and do much yesterday, I was able to buy and play these games. I’m thinking about going over to apple vis, a website for aps and stuff for blind people using mac computers and IOS devices, and searching for more games.

To wrap up this post, I think today will be a good day, and that the coming week will be pretty good as well. Also, just in case you didn’t know, I have alergies again, however I don’t think that will stop me from having a good week.
I hope you had a good weekend, and have a good week as well.
Thanks for reading,
type you later,

P.S. links to the games in the app store.

tap the mole
accessible minesweeper

Have a nice day!

stranded part 1 release is live!

Hello guys,

The game we’ve all been waiting for is here!

Hey, Severe Storm Steve here. I am glad to announce that stranded part 1 is here, and ready for you to download. Please however, fill out the form at the bottom of the post to tell me what rating you give it. 1 being best and 10 being worstd.

Click below to download the game. Extract the zip archive, and read the documentation folder, or just open the 1111.html document, or alternitively open the start game.rtf file if you want to play an rtf copy of the gamebook. Happy adventuring!
download it now
Please visit the gamebooks page to learn more about this awesome game.

how to do links in html

Hello you guys,
I am here to share the links html tutorial. Don’t you know how almost every page has a link on it? Well, I will teach you how to create a link that looks just like that. Here is what your link will look like when we finish:
example link.
Don’t click it because it will take you back home to the home page of the website. Now, if you want a webpage, you might just want to create links.

before we begin

As seen in the article of how I do my html symbols which you must read, you know how I do my symbols in html. If you haven’t read that article yet, your best bet is to do so.

diving into the code

Links will take you to different pages. Lets say you had a website, and wanted to put a link back to stevend.net on it. When clicked, that link would take you to stevend.net.
We will now go threw a table with the list of links tags and there description. If you want to create your own tables, please go back to the learn html page and select one of the tables galore series.

<tdless</bolda href
this table is where the html and its descriptions will go
tag description
this tag opens a link note that you don’t put a greater than sign after the space which comes after a
hrefequals'()’greater in between the single quotation marks, you would enter a url like the format of http://www.stevend.net. The href equals is just the letters href which is the second part of the less a tag.
link titleless/agreater when I say link title, you don’t have to enter two single quotations to put that in between, you just enter it after the greater and before less signs.

Now, please try it yourself using the box below. I will email you if it is correct, or help you if it isn’t.

still need help?

Well, below I will type a link and then put the code that it uses next to it. Once again, I will not bold the signs on any example because you should know that that is what I will do every time.

my website is the link
less a href equals’http://www.stevend.net’greater my website less/a greater

Now do you get it? Please go type it in the text box above.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. for more tutorials, please click here
Yep, that was a link! 🙂

tables galore part 2–a table with padding

In part 1, we disgussed how to create just a basic table with html code. In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a table with cell padding (you will find out what it is soon).

an example table from last tutorial:

3 6

Yep, just a basic table. Shouldn’t we have cell padding and spacing in there?

before we begin

I will tell you this:

  • the spelled out symbols will be put in bold format, so you know to type them as they are and not spell them out like I did in this tutorial. for example:
    less means you have to type the actuall less than sign. If I type less (not bold), you know that I don’t mean for you to type any code.
  • this is part 2 of the table galore series, where you learn to add spacing and padding to cells.

diving into the code

We will now dive into the code of creating a table. I will type up the code that you need first below:

lesstable borderequals”1″ cell paddingequals”7″ cell spacingequals”7″greater

This tells the html code editor to create a table with cell padding 7 and cell spacing at 7 as well. The padding puts space between the cells and the table walls. Note that the cell spacing should just be around 2 or 3 and not 7, I just over exaderated.

Now, you will type the table content code like you learned in part 1. You should remember the less trgreater and lesstdgreater tags to make up your table and the less slashtablegreater tag to end your table.

now, view this example table below:

dogs cats
3 6

Doesn’t that look different from the exact same table above before the tutorial part? Well, it is because I used some different code:

note that you should know now that less, quote, greater, and equals are all symbols that you should write as is and not spelled out.

less table border equals “1” cell padding equals “3” cell spacing equals “7”greater
less tr greater
less td greaterdogs less slash td greater
less td greater cats less slash td greater
less slash tr greater
less tr greater
less td greater 3 less slash td greater
less td greater 6 less slash td greater
less slash tr greater
less slash table greater

what did you learn:

[contact-field label="where do the spacing, padding, and border peramitors of the table go?" type="radio" options="in the middle of the less table greater tag, in the middle of the first less tr greater tag, in the middle of the first less td greater tag, at the end of the table"/]

still don’t get it?

please contact me if you need help with this tutorial.

tables galore part 1

In this set of posts, I will walk you threw the basics of creating a table from regular all the way to headers, stiles, and footers. It will all be on this series, so please stay in tune.

This is the html series tables galore, where you will learn how to make beautiful html tables for your website. Starting from rows with data in them all the way to tables with headers, stiles, formatting, and footers. It’s all on this website’s html tables galore series.

part1– building your table with just rows and data

This is the best one to start with. It is the easiest table you will ever create, and so it’s good for starters. I will walk you threw this tut, and to make sure you understand it I will have you send me the exact code to make a table. These forms will below the tut itself.


    1. I will use code spelling. for example “less” instead of “<".
    2. This tutorial will teach you what you should be able to understand but if you don't get something, feel free to use the form at the bottom of the page under the I Don't Get It, Can You Still Help Me? heading.

starting with the opening tag

An opening tag in html tells the editor to create something in html. You use these tags to add the element to the page, not necicerrily create the full thing. There is a little more to that. These tags are usually surrounded by less and greater, and usually have quotes in them.
for the table, you will use:
less table greater
the words in bold will be written as and not less and greater when you send me the form answer.
now, you have opened your table, so we can move to the next section.

borders and why you need them

a table border defines the outside edges of your table. Whether you want them thicker or thinner is up to you. to make a border, just put:
lesstable border=”1″greater
just like the last section, you will need to put rather then greater, as you should know because less and greater are in bold.
Note: you can put higher numbers then 1 on your table border property. I think it can go up to 8 actually.

the data

in this form of table, there is 2 types of tags that will make up your table. 1 is for the row, and 1 is for the data in that row.
here is the opening and closing a row tag:
less trgreater. This makes a table row. TR=Table Row, meaning that tr is an acronim for table row.
this goes the same for Table Data, making that tag lesstdless/td greater
“Huh?” you ask. Yes, I’ve added a tage that had slash in it. When you put slash after the less in a tag like row or data or table, you are telling the editor to close the tag. So, I just opened and closed the table data tag. Between the > of the opening table data tag and the < of the closing one, you can put what you want in that set of data for your table.
here is example:

lesstdgreater this is example table data. less / td greater

Note that TABLE DATA TAGS ALWAYS HAVE TO BE INSIDE A ROW!!!!!!!!!!!! for example:

less td greater I am typing a set of table data in that rowless/td greater

you can type however many rows and datas inside your table.
below, is a example table that I create, and the source code (symbols spelled out and not bold because I bet you know they are symbols that you right as they are not spelled out).

row one data one table data 2 row 1
row 2 data 1 row 2 data 2

now, here is the code:
less table greater
less table border =”1″ greater
less tr greater
less td greater table row 1 data 1 less slash td greater
less td greater table row 1 data 2 less slash td greater
less slash td greater
less slash tr greater
less tr greater
less td greater row 2 data 1 less slash td greater
less td greater row 2 data 2 less slash td greater
less slash tr greater
less slash table greater

note how I added the less slash before repeting the name of the tag at the end of my data, always put the tds in the trs, and made the same number of tds in each tr instead of different numbers.

lets test your knoledge

Upon submitting, I should get and reply to your submission with the good or terrible news.

still don’t get something?

please visit the contact me, and tell me you need help with tables part 1, and what you need help with it, and I will get back with you.
I can’t wait to post another one of these table tutorials for you. In the mean time,

how to create a computer to computer (adhock) network.

Hello guys, have you ever wanted to connect two computers together by using a wireless network? This may not be internet, but you can still connect 2 windows 7 computers together, maybe more.

Things you must have
windows 7
administrative access

Now for the steps

1. Go to your control pannel, and click on the “network and sharing center.”
2. Click “set up a new connection
3. click “computer to computer (adhock network.)
4. On the wizard that pops up, type your network name. Note, you might need to add a password to it, or you can do an unsecured network.
5. After you enter the name and security options, check the “save this network” checkbox.
6. Now, just click the next button, and your network is ready.

note: You must be connected to the network to turn it on. If you disconnect to it, you won’t be able to let any one else use it.

my new gamebook: The kids’ prison

I have created a new text adventure (gamebook) game. The story behind this game is below:

You and your friend were walking home from school one afternoon. Suddenly, your friend is sucked into the hole. Your mition now, is to go into the prison. Avoiding traps and guards, you must find the key that will help you in finding your friend. This game is very sly, and may make you mad with all its traps.

Here are the instructions for use:
1. Click here to download it
2. Decompress the zip arcive, or else your file will not work.
3. Go into the now newly created folder, and open index.html. You are now ready to play! Hope you enjoy my new game, please leave feedback for me.

how to code a block quote in html

In this tut, I will be showing you how to code a block quote in html. This is similar to coding a heading, but different in some ways.
Once again, I will spell the code out like I did before. I.E. less insteade of just typing <.

in order to do this, you will have to type the following.
[code language=”html”]
this is the opening tag. Now, you will type the text that goes in the block quote.
next, type [code language=”html”]
now, you have your block quote. here is an example.

Hello, I really enjoy blogging. Also, I hope you know, this is an example block quote