how my day went

Today I went to school like normal except my syster’s friend’s mom took us to school. This is because my mom has work and my dad is still recovering. The morning went normal, but in the afternoon was the ho-down. The ho-down is when we do a few dances. The 5th grade ho-down was at 2:00 PM. We all filed into the gym and sat down. I sat by the wall next to my friend Begench. My dad came over by the wall with the 2 of us. There were a few kids next to Begench. Our first dance was a square dance wich I did not join in. The next dance was called the cotten eyed Joe. I did do that dance The next dance was called boot, scoot, and boogie! I did do that one. Then there was a dance called Teach Me How To Duggy. I didn’t do that one. Twoard the end of that dance, me and my dad went home early. When we got home, I played on the computer. I ate dinner and after that, my home computer charger broke. Now I have to get it taken back to the shop. Pretty bad, right?
Well, that is how my day went today