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How my day went

I am sorry that I am posting this so late, but Yesterday I didn’t have time to. You are about to learn why. Well, here is how my Tuesday went.
I woke up and went to school like normal. It was a very hot and windy day, but I didn’t care because I kept thinking about the weather that was supposed to come later that evening. Well, I got home and sat around and did nothing for a wile, then I had to clean my room. After I cleaned, I just sat around some more and watched the news. Then I ate dinner. For dinner, I ate Fish. After dinner, we Me, my mom, my Libby, and my dad got ready and went to Libby’s violin Recital. That lasted from 7:00 to around 8:15. After this was over, we came out of the school to a lot of lightning and thunder. When we got home, I pulled out the weather radio wich said that there was a tornado warning for Dallas County. Not much later why Libby was in the bath, the alarm for a tornado started to go off. I ran down staires asking my dad to check the radar. He saw that a big thunderstorm was coming streight at us. It came! The rain poored as my family watched the news. The TV cut out a few times. Just a few minutes after we were watching the news, the Alarm for tornados went off again. My dad and I went outside for just a few minutes. We came back in and the wind started picking up. A few minutes later, the Golf-ball sized hail started falling hard on the roof. Then as I was sitting on the couch with my mom and Libby, my dad said get in the bathroom now! We ran to the bathroom as my mom and dad looked out the dining room window for a tornado. After a few minutes, dad said that we could get out of the room. It was 30 minutes passed my bedtime so I went up and took a quick shower. After my shower, I went to bed exhausted from the evening. Then later in the night, a storm producing golf-ball sized hail and 60 mph wind came over. I went downstairs for a wile until it finished. I ment to go back up, but fell asleep on my parrents’ bed. That is all I did yesterday



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