how the first day of school went

Today, we got up, got ready, and left for school. As I walked in, I thought about how weird it was that Terry was now my school. Well, my mom and dad guided me to my class, then I got settled. I went to all 7 periods (I fell asleep in 7th period which was math.)
Hwere are my teachers
first period, reading, M.S. Belt
Second period, Social studies, M.S. Willard.
3rd period. English, M.S. Koerner.
4th period. P.E. M.s Quinn.
5th Period. Choir (ms McQueen)
6th period. science (coach Barnes)
7th period math (Ms dirickson)
Well, then, I came home and just hung out for the whole first half of the night, then went in my room because I was mad at my mom. Then, I got on the blog. That is all I did today.