how my day went on September 4-5 2011

On sunday, it was my mom’s birthday. She had already went went to work and so we didn’t get to see her for most of the day. Well, Me, Colbie, libby, and her friend woke up around 7:00 because I was going over to colbie’s house and Libby was going to her friends house. Well, we were out the door by 8:00 AM. I don’t know what Libby and her friend did, but Me and Colbie just hung out at my great Aunt’s house. When it was time to leave, I thought Colbie was going to stay there why I left with my dad. But, she came with us and spent the night. Thats because Libby stayed at her friends for the night. That night, we just hung out and celebrated my mom’s birthday. After a wile, we watched a movie and went to bed.
Today, I got up and played with Colbie for a few hours. Then, Me, Colbie, and my mom all went in the car to pick up Libby, drop colbie off, and go to the store. After we got home, I played the piano until dinner. After dinner, I showered and played around the house. Then I got on my blog. That is all I did.