how my day went

Today, I got up around 8, then ate breakfast and showered and threw some close on while my mom went to work out. Late last night on the way home, my sister had gone to her friend’s house. So, I was home with just my sleeping dad.
When my mom got home, we went to the dentest and I got ceilence. I hate that so much, because you have to dry your mouth out and taist nasty chemicals. When that finished, we went to celebration station and ate lunch.
We left celebration station around 2:15, After I used all of my tokens. Then, we went to the park for about 20 minutes and I played around there. When we were done, we ran to the store and bank before coming home and playing on the computer and stuff.
At around 4:30, I took some cough medicine. After that, I ate dinner then did the dish washer.
Then, me and my mom got in her car and were about to pick Libby up, but she was going to be brought home. So, I came home and walked on the treadmill for a while.
After that, I went upstaires and got on the computer because my sister got home.
Then, I came down, and posted my blog entery. That is all I did today.