how my birthday went

today, I got up, then got read for school. Since it was my birthday, I ate some donuts and chocolate milk for breakfast. After that, I went to school like normal. After I went to sixth period, I got picked up, at around 2:15, and me, mom, and dad and Libby went home. When we got there, I opened my presents. I got batteries, an 8 gig flash drive, cds, tapes, a slingshot, an rc heli, and a stomp rocket.
After that, we ate some cake, then my dad left for work, and the rest of us went to Stake N Shake for my birthday dinner. After that, I came home, played with my presents, and watched tv. After that, I got on the computer. That is how my birthday went.


Btw, this is the 200th post! Thanks for erging me to post for so long!!!