how to create a computer to computer (adhock) network.

Hello guys, have you ever wanted to connect two computers together by using a wireless network? This may not be internet, but you can still connect 2 windows 7 computers together, maybe more.

Things you must have
windows 7
administrative access

Now for the steps

1. Go to your control pannel, and click on the “network and sharing center.”
2. Click “set up a new connection
3. click “computer to computer (adhock network.)
4. On the wizard that pops up, type your network name. Note, you might need to add a password to it, or you can do an unsecured network.
5. After you enter the name and security options, check the “save this network” checkbox.
6. Now, just click the next button, and your network is ready.

note: You must be connected to the network to turn it on. If you disconnect to it, you won’t be able to let any one else use it.