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how my day went

Today, I got up and instead of taking a shower, just got dressed and we all once again went to school and I learned about the mac computer and did homework. Then, our dorm staff picked us up, and we went to the rec center, and I played air hockey, a game where you hit a ball across a table and prevent it from getting in your goal, and wack a mole. Then, we left the rec and I came home and did social studies until dinner which was pizza. Man, how much of that stuff are we going to have this weak? Well, I ate dinner, finished my work, then played on the computer for a while before hanging out with two of my friends in a fort that they built. After that, We all had to go to our rooms, and I spent the rest of the time playing on my ipod and computer. Then, I posted my journal entry. That is all I did today.


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