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how my day went

Today was another school day. After getting up and taking another warm shower, I got dressed, and had to play on my computer before eating breakfast. After breakfast, it was the usual routine of meating at the girls side of the dorm, before walking to school. This time, we didn’t have to stop at the health center, and instead just continued until we got to school. Pretty much the whole day, we reviewed voice over settings on the mac computer, and read the voice over tutorial. We did take a break for snack at 10 like usual, and then ate lunch at 11:30, but spent the rest of the day until 2 that is, working on the mac. At 2, I had to do some math homework (I finished all the problems), before going back to the dorm. We rode in a golf cart, but it died about 3 quarters of the way away from the school, so we had to walk the rest of the way. When we got back, I had a snack, before getting on the computer and talking to my friend. Then, We all went swimming for about two hours, and were back by 6, and at that time I took a shower. Then, I prepared myself some chicken nuggets and milk for dinner, and then did some social studies homework for an hour. After that, I just messed around on the computer, before joining my friends while they hopped and restled in a pit of pillows. I restled with two kids at a time, until 3 minutes before it was time to go to our rooms. Then, I just sat on the couch until I came in my room, got on the computer, and posted my journal entry. That is all I did today.



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