how my day went

Today, instead of getting up and taking a shower, I had to pack my stuff and get ready to go home before getting dressed and eating breakfast that the staff made for us. After that long breakfast, we headed off to our last half day of school. After taking an assessment and a rating type essay where I told the tsbvi principal what they needed to improove and what I liked about it here, I went into another classroom with one of my friends until we meaning the whole group left the school at around noon to go back to the dorm and have pizza again. After the meel, I just hung out with two of my friends and on the computer until my mom arrived and picked me up. After driving all the way home, I only ended up staying there for litterally 15 minutes before going over to papa Dutch’s house to have dinner and stay the night. (see this post to hear about the last time I did this.)
As soon as I finished dinner, I