how my day went

Don’t you just love those cool rainy days that we just rarely get? Those kinds of days are the kind that make me stay drop dead exhausted the whole day. Well, After getting up and eating breakfast at papa’s house, I played on the computer and got dressed for goalball. We left the house at around noon, and I had awakened around 9:30. Well at goalball practice, I was quite tired, but managed to score one goal off of what I call my scilent extreem ball.
After practice, my papa and nanna picked us (meaning me and Libby) up some chicken nuggets from McDonalds before going back to there house and packing up and waiting for my dad to pick us up. When he finally did, the first thing I did was go and see Trashua, since It’d ben over a week since I had been in his presents. After that, I ate dinner, did the dishes, made my bed, and finally just played on the computer and hung out with my mom until I posted this journal entry.